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Apple Pie Making - Congratulations on the success of 2016!

Pie Making Date for November 2017 to be determined!

Band Students and Parents,

This is one of the most popular fundraisers in the area and we have earned a great reputation for making one of the best apple pies around.  Teachers, neighbors, relatives and co-workers in the community look forward to this sale every year.  How popular is it?? Last year over 3200 apple pies were sold.  Our goal this year is to keep this fundraiser growing!  In order to do this, every student needs to sell only 25 pies! But please, do not stop at 25! Sell as many as you can!  It is a fun experience to watch it all come together and the band students have a lot of fun selling and making the pies.


Once again, we are offering customers the option to purchase pies to be donated to area food banks.  There is a separate order form attached for this. Donation orders must be keep separate from your regular orders.  Donations will be picked up by the food bank.  Please ask each customer if they would like to purchase a pie for donation.  This is a great option for those people who want to help the band but don’t want to buy a pie for themselves!



Students will earn a “commission” of $2.00 for each pie they sell.  In order to earn a commission, students need to sell 20 or more pies.  Money they earn will go into their individual band account and can be used to offset any future band expenses they may incur, such as band camp fees or trip expenses.  If you have questions regarding funds, contact band treasurer Kathy Starr at treasurer@dewittbands.org.


Students are also required to work one of the shifts making pies on Friday, November 11th or work a shift at the craft show on Saturday, November 12th.  If a student is unable to work a shift, a parent is required to cover their shift.  More information regarding sign-up will be available on Charms.


Pie orders should be taken on the attached order forms.  ALL ORDERS MUST BE PREPAID!  Please fill out the pie forms NEATLY and COMPLETELY. This means complete name (no writing grandma, Aunt Sue, etc.). We would like to send out an email reminder about pie pick up this year.  Please get an email address for all customers and make sure to notate appropriately if pies will be picked up by the customer or if the student will be picking up pies to deliver to customers.  Extra pie order forms will be available in the band room or on Charms if you need them.


Please be sure to give each customer a Thank You / Reminder Card with your name on it so they know who they ordered from and when and where to pick up their pies. PLEASE BE SURE TO LET YOUR CUSTOMERS KNOW THAT PIE PICK UP IS BACK AT THE HIGH SCHOOL THIS YEAR.


Order forms (filled out neatly and filled out completely) along with correct payments must be returned in a SEALED ENVELOPE and left in the pie sale drop box in the band room no later than the end of evening rehearsal on October 31st.  You may also contact Lisa Moore, fundraising chair at 517-930-6016 and make arrangements to drop off your order form and money.



If you have any questions, please contact

Lisa Moore at fundraising@dewittbands.org or 517-930-6016


More Info on Donating a Pie To DeWitt Food Banks!

This year we will be also taking orders for those who would like to donate apple pies to the Local DeWitt Food Banks.  This promotion will not only benefit the band, we'll be selling and making more pies, but will benefit our local Food Bank with fresh apple pies for the upcoming holiday season.  Buy apple pies for yourself and buy apple pies to donate to the Food Bank.  The Food Bank will be picking up all the pies donated to them.  If our World Famous Dutch Apple Pies aren't your thing, consider a tax deductible contribution to benefit DeWitt Bands.  Contributions are used to support all band programs in DeWitt, see the About Us tab for more information on how money is used to support the instrumental music programs within DeWitt School Band programs.

Tax Deductible Contributions can be deducted to the extent of the law.