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Welcome!  to the official website of the  DeWitt Band Boosters


Scrap Metal Drive - 2016

6th Annual Scrap Metal Drive is coming!

August 13th and 14th, 2016

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

DeWitt High School Parking Lot (off Clark Road)

My name is Lisa Moore and I am the Fund Raising Chair for the DeWitt Band Boosters. I want to let everyone know that we will be holding our 6th Annual Scrap Metal Drive on Saturday, August 13th and Sunday, August 14th. We will need lots of help from both parents and students to make this event a success. The scrap metal drive requires a lot of hard work but over the last 5 years we have been able to raise over $15,000.00 by collecting other people’s trash!

Volunteers will be needed to help pick up and unload donations, and guard our stash overnight! Sign-up sheets will be available at band camp and more detailed information will be coming.

I also work at Meyer Music and I will be at band camp registration with supplies such as reeds, mouthpieces, lyres and flip folders for those in need!

Enjoy your summer!!


517-930-6016 fundraising@dewittbands.org